3D Pool Pro Shareware V2.0
Demo Download [8.3Mb]
This is the shareware demo version of the game. It includes a five day limit on internet play, one segment of each career, and 10 free plays against the computer. For only $16, Register to receive the full retail upgrade including the following additional features:
  • Free upgrades to any additions to 3D Pool Pro in the future.
  • Access to faster, more accurate, professional quality tables in new surroundings.
  • Complete career mode. Compete to be World Champion!
  • Four additional pool hall locations.
  • Advanced opponent AI.
  • Hotseat competition against another human player.
  • Unlimited LAN or Internet play using the PeerSpyTM server.
3D Pool Pro Wallpaper
Wallpaper (1600x1200) [5.5Mb]
Download 3D Pool Pro for your own desktop! Either download to your windows directory and select it as your wallpaper, or right click and choose "Save as wallpaper."